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We hope you found the questions insightful. If you answered “yes” to more than a few, the good news is that there is a strong possibility your symptoms are neuroplastic in nature and can be reversed with the Insight Medicine approach. Keep scrolling to see what we mean.

So how does pain work anyway...?

Neural Pathways

(3:30 min)

This short talk is a deeper dive into the differences and similarities between neuroplastic and structural pain.

The Reign of Pain

Dr. Howard Schubiner
(20:40 min)

There is even increasing research to prove this...

And does this even apply to me?

How to Determine the Cause of Chronic Pain

Dr. Schubiner's "What is Pain" Video Series
(7:00 min)

So what do I do?

How to Reverse Chronic Pain

Dr. Schubiner's "What is Pain" Video Series
(9:49 min)

So how does this look?

Living Proof - Stories of Hope

Recovery from Chronic Pain
Learn more at
(12:44 min)

For an excellent overview of the whole process...

The Neuroscience of Pain

Interview with Nutrition World
Feb 2, 2022

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Insight Medicine is focused on developing our body’s inherent capacity for self-regulation and health maintenance.

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