About Dr. Matt

Matthew McClanahan, DO, MA
Founder, Medical Director

Matt is an osteopathic physician (Des Moines University, College of Osteopathic Medicine), board certified in both Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Family Medicine (Metro Health Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI), and prior to that received a masters degree in Exercise Physiology (University of Missouri – Columbia). He has received extensive training in prolotherapy through the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation.

Dr. Matt and Insight Medicine

“From early in my training a focus on the cohesion of body, mind, and spirit began forming due to experiences, professionally and personally, with manual and lifestyle medicine, mindfulness practices, religious and interracial communities, sustainable living, contemplative spirituality, and numerous factors implicit in behavior change and what it takes to get “unstuck.”

Much of this, however, came through the numerous challenges and failures I’ve experienced, again professionally and personally, that shaped how I understand both myself and my life. Reaching for integrity within the disease-focused, profit-driven medical machine that exists both locally and nationally, I began to see the preeminent value in considering the nervous and affective systems in treating almost any persistent symptom and energizing a person’s innate self-healing capacity.

And I knew I had to find a way to do it better. Tony Robbins has said, “There are no failures, only outcomes,” and this has proven quite true in my life, ultimately leading to the development of the Center for Insight Medicine and its unique philosophy.”

Matt and Farron (and O.C. & Scout)

Matt & Farron

In September of 2014, my wife, Farron, and I moved to Chattanooga a year or so after being married. She attended a local university for her undergraduate education and fell in love with the landscape and people of Chattanooga and encouraged us to look there for work after residency – and are we glad we did. Farron has been unbelievably supportive in this journey of mine and I feel lucky to have such an insightful, tough, encouraging, and funny partner to patiently help me balance work, rest, and play.

We live in an excellent little neighborhood in North Chattanooga with our adopted rascals, Sam 2 – The Orange Cat (affectionately, “O.C.”) and our newly adopted supermutt, Scout.

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