A Neuroscience Approach to the Diagnosis & Treatment of Chronic Pain,
Medically Unexplained Symptoms,
& Central Sensitization Syndromes.

A Neuroscience Approach to the Diagnosis & Treatment of Chronic Pain, Medically Unexplained Symptoms, & Central Sensitization Syndromes.

Do your symptoms vary in intensity without obvious physical changes, or have they spread over time?

Did your symptoms start during a time of stress or are they triggered by things that don't have to do with the area in question, like weather, certain foods, stress, strong lights/smells, or your period?

Have you ever been diagnosed with or wondered if you had one of the following…

Chronic Back, Neck & Joint Pain
Pelvic Floor Disorders
Chronic Headaches
TMJ Syndrome
Unexplained Intolerances

Chronic Fatigue
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Painful Bladder Symptoms (IC)
Repetitive Strain Injuries

If your treatments just aren’t working, or you’ve had diagnostic testing and received only vague answers or clinicians “can’t find anything wrong…”, take this brief quiz to see if your symptoms are neuroplastic and would benefit from Insight Medicine:


Office visits

Dr. McClanahan offers in-person and virtual appointments on a sliding scale. Online booking is available.


Insight Medicine

What is Insight Medicine? Click below to find out plus read the mission, values, and vision of Center for Insight Medicine



Research and resources for both patients and professionals on neurosomatic medicine and associated topics.

Insight Medical Consultation

Taking into account a whole person in the context of their whole life, the goal of the first visit is for you to get to know Dr. McClanahan and for him to get to know you and your medical/symptom history.

This is the foundation of Insight Medicine – taking the time necessary to listen and understand – whether it is chronic pain or some other persistent symptom.

This begins the process of clarifying the root causes of your issues and determines our path forward. Subsequent treatment plans vary, but broadly fall into one of the following:

  • Neuroscience-based Evaluation
  • Diagnostic Testing Review & Explanation
  • Physical/Neuromusculoskeletal Exam
  • Trauma-Sensitive Approach
  • Integrative & Experiential Treatment

Encouraging Words From Patients Who've Done the Work

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A friend recommended Dr. McClanahan when my partner was in the midst of a health crisis and no other doctors had been able to help. Dr. McClanahan went above and beyond, offering unwavering support and compassion, coming up with creative solutions, arranging flexible payment options, and even making house calls when necessary. The treatment was successful and my partner is now thriving. If you have a long list of doctors who haven't been able to help you, I highly recommend calling Dr. McClanahan. He is caring, talented, and will do everything he can to help you or connect you with someone who can.
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I happened upon Dr. McClanahan when I needed a new GP back when that was his gig and I've followed him to his private practice. To experience his approach as a GP was a game changer for me. He's still on my practitioner team because he helps tie everything together in a collaborative way. I have healed physically and grown personally as a result of my visits with Dr. McClanahan. When you find someone who is truly on your team, it makes a huge difference.
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I recommend Dr McClanahan to anyone dealing with chronic pain. I suffered from sharp pain in both my heels for over a year after jumping into a shallow pool. I thought the pain would go away but it became increasingly worse during pandemic. I soon learned why after visiting Dr McClanahan and was pain free after a month. Now I’m actively walking 3-6 miles a day and living my beat life.
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Dr. McClanahan is a kind, caring, patient physician with the skills and intellect to properly address any issues you may dealing with. I have been going to him for a couple of months now and I knew the moment I met him he was gifted and we were lucky to have someone of his caliber in Chattanooga. I have referred friends and family and they are very pleased with Dr. McClanahan's care and compassion. I highly question the one or two negative reviews of this doctor because he truly is a miracle worker. Anyone looking for a highly effective physician who thinks outside the box and spends the necessary time and resources into finding out how to make your life better, you have found him.
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Dr. McClanahan is an excellent physician. He has been my primary care doctor for over a year and has been thorough and patient each time I've seen him! Many other care providers push patients through as quickly as possible in order to maximize billing, but Dr. McClanahan makes sure to give each patient the time they need (and schedules appropriately so that other patients are not kept waiting as a result). I refer folks to him regularly and cannot recommend him highly enough.
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Dr. McClanahan helped me to achieve my goal to become healthier. After about 4 years under his guidance, I was able to get my blood sugar, weight and blood pressure under control. He was always supportive of my plans for my health care. Now I am totally free from medications and feeling more energetic and healthy than I have for many years.
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Been a while. But I love this guy. He was all about helping me improve my health. He took whatever time was necessary. It took a while for me to heal but he have me the mental tools to get started.
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I was referred to Dr. McClanahan by my primary care doctor for a holistic approach to treatment of chronic migraines. I had been dealing with chronic headaches for decades and had tried numerous drugs, therapies, acupuncture, diets--you name it, I'd tried it. Some treatments worked for a little while, but eventually, the migraines always returned. By the time I began to see Dr. McClanahan, the migraines were pretty much a daily event. Dr. McClanahan taught me about tension myoneural syndrome, and we explored the root cause of my migraines. While this is not an easy cure, it has been effective in the long term. Now when I feel the first hint of a headache, instead of reaching for the hydrocodone and Phenergan, I take about 5 minutes to identify the stress in my body and focus on alleviating that stress through meditation and self-talk. Sometimes I still get a migraine, but more often than not I am able to identify and address the stress that is triggering the pain. And the end result is not just a pain-free day, but an improvement in my mental health as well.
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I started seeing Dr. McClanahan for trauma and related physical manifestations of a trauma related disorder. I had tried a multitude of medications, therapies, and alternative treatments before seeing him, but really saw the most growth in my year of working with him. He is a genuinely kind and caring provider who seeks to find the root causes of your symptoms and help you take initiative in the process of healing. He takes his time with each session, listening to your process and offering insights/resources along the way. After years of living in numb/shut-down states, through my work with Dr. McClanahan I became a human for the first time: a person who can experience joy and sadness, gratitude and anger, pain and relief. I've learned how to draw boundaries, have opinions, and stand up for myself without living in chronic guilt and shame. I've learned how to listen to and cope with symptoms when they come, while not letting them rule my life anymore. I would highly recommend him to anyone experiencing chronic physiological or psychological symptoms. He is an amazing resource and such an asset to have in Chattanooga.

"For each illness that doctors cure w/ medicine, they provoke ten in healthy people by inoculating them with the virus that is a thousand times more powerful than any microbe:
the idea that one is ill."

~ Marcel Proust

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